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bsafe Building Consulting Services

Building Consulting Services:

– Site Safety Plan’s

An important building consulting service, Bsafe provides a site safety plan. A safety plan that is site-specific helps every business stakeholder abide by OSHA’s and others’ regulations. It also provides a process for reporting accidents, as well as managing and identifying hazards. When followed out correctly, it will guarantee compliance by doing the following and then some:

  • Guarantee a lift plan for production lifts and separate lift plans for every critical lift
  • Inspect procedures for the load testing and/or inspection of cranes, both during the course of construction and when they first arrive on site
  • Decide where the crane will be during lifts
  • Create a procedure for dispersing the plans among all parties
  • Designate who will operate the crane
  • Be sure that those performing lifting and rigging operations understand proper rigging procedures, and that rigging is supervised

On a large job site, several contractors coordinate their safety programs to prevent omissions, overlap, and conflicts. This consolidated program is what this “site-specific” plan is for. When other stakeholders have their own safety plans, the lift director or general contractor has to create a site-specific safety plan that considers site-specific conditions.

Bsafe can provide specific site safety plans for your project. We offer every OSHA safety course and cover OHSA’s HAZWOPER standard.

– Licensed Construction Superintendent

Construction superintendents, among other duties, visit each job site for which they are responsible each day that active work occurs at the site; inspect every area where work is occurring at each job site during each visit in order to verify compliance with the approved construction documents and Chapter 33 of the New York City Building Code; and designate a competent person who is present at the site at all times work occurs. Our superintendents maintain a detailed log of work that occurs at each job site for which they are responsible..

Bsafes additional Building Consulting Services:

  • Exterior Wall Shop
  • Structure Shop Drawing’s
  • Civil Safety Drawing’s
  • MEP Drawing
  • Civil Planning

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