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DOB 32 Hour Rigging Supervisor Course

NYC DOB 32 Hour Rigging Supervisor CourseThis NYC.DOB 32 Hour Rigging Supervisor Course is a requirement for an individual who is not a licensed rigger or a designated foreman of a licensed rigger to supervise the hoisting or lowering of articles on the outside of a building with hoisting equipment. In lieu of completing this course, an individual may instead possess a department approved national rigging certification. An individual must either (i) complete this course or (ii) possess a department approved national rigging certification.

The NYC.DOB 32 Hour Rigging Supervisor Course is geared for construction foremen, riggers, safety supervisors, rigging inspectors, and personnel in charge of rigging operations not hired directly by a licensed rigger.

This course consists of several different components which include PowerPoint presentations, lecture, real-life case studies, class discussion and hands-on demonstration. We will provide student manuals, hands-on demonstration, and in-class practical exercises.

Certificates issued upon course completion and cards will be mailed to the address used when you registered for your class.

Course Prices:

  • $550.00 Per Person
  • 10% for 4 or more as a group
  • 15% for 6 or more as a group

DOB 32 Hour Rigging Supervisor Course Objectives:

  • Introduction to Cranes & Derricks
  • Crane & RIGGING Accidents
  • CFR 29 OSHA 1926 Overview
  • E (PPE-Personal Protective Equipment)
  • H (Material Handling, Storage)
  • K (Electrical)
  • L (Scaffolds)
  • M (Fall Protection)
  • CC (Cranes and Derricks in Construction)
  • NYC Construction Codes Overview
  • NYC Department of Buildings Overview
  • NYC Department of Transportation
  • NYC Transit Authority Overview
  • Basic Building Structure
  • Inspection of Cranes, Ropes & Operator Responsibility
  • Maintenance and Repair of Cranes and Ropes
  • Crane Setup
  • Reading Plans
  • Operating Cranes
  • Starting up the crane
  • Hazards of operating in a dense urban environment High wind hazards
  • Operating near power lines
  • Prohibition against hoisting over pedestrians, traffic & adjoining buildings
  • Requirements for shutting down and securing the crane
  • Communication between workers & supervisors while rigging: radios; hand signals; flags; etc.
  • Reading Load Charts
  • NYC-approved load charts
  • Lifting & Lowering Loads
  • Operational Aids and Safety Devices
  • Crane & Derrick Safety Protocols & Emergency Procedures
  • Crane Assembly, Jumping & Disassembly
  • Rigging Requirements
  • General Construction Site Hazards
  • NYC DOB Unsafe Condition (311) Notification Procedure
  • NYC DOI/Buildings Integrity Training Contact Information Sheet
  • Review all Training Topics
  • Written (Multiple Choice) Assessment

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You guys are great

Thanks again for the training session, you guys are informative and the class was fun! George, Brooklyn

Great Team Training

We sent our team of 12. Clean professional school, excellent staff and teachers - very accommodating